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How to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party within a Budget

Congrats on getting hitched! That’s the call to celebrate with your loved ones. But before diving into engagement party planning, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: “How can I have an engagement party within budget?”

When deciding to have an engagement party, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a low-budget party. Like any other event, with thoughtful preparation and choices, you can plan an event without having to break the bank.

If you are planning an engagement party and looking for engagement party ideas on a budget, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss the ways to plan a perfect engagement party for you in today’s guide. Whether it’s the selection of an affordable engagement party venue or the decision-making of inexpensive engagement party decorations or how engaging an engagement event organizer in Dubai will help you host an event to remember, our today’s guide has all the must-haves!

Tips to Plan a Perfect Engagement Party Within a Budget in Dubai 2024

Choose the perfect venue


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The first tip towards ensuring that the engagement party is within your budget is to ensure that you choose an affordable engagement party venue. For instance, small to mid-sized event facilities cost about AED 2000 to AED 7000 per day while banquet halls and ballrooms reach as high as AED 10000 to AED 25000 or above per day.

To make the most of your budget, consider a feasible engagement party venue such as your backyard or your dear ones’ spacious rooftop. You can also consider a non-traditional location such as renting a function room in a local cafe or restaurant to celebrate the happy moments of your life without going overboard with the price.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve to book an engagement party venue, try booking it between October to April. Since it’s off-season, you might get better deals, discounts, and offers.

Create a small guest list (+invitation management)

The next step to take when arranging for an engagement party is to have a meaningful list of guests to invite. Having a large guest list is not financially feasible or cost-effective. Instead of feeling obligated to invite extended family and acquaintances, curating a list of close friends and family members is recommended.

Here’s a trick to follow! When creating your guest list, categorize the guest list into three groups. Namely the can’t-get-hitched-without, the would-love-to-have, and the nice-to-have guests, including distant relatives and acquaintances. Try to include the first two groups as much as possible, and only have the last group on your guest list if you can realistically afford it. Keeping a smaller guest list will cut food and drink costs (more on that later).

Along with creating a guest list, engagement party invitations are also crucial. Suppose you want your engagement party planning to be more cost-effective. In that case, it’s better to skip the traditional invites and go with budget-conscious options such as digital invites. Platforms like WeddingWire offer beautiful templates and RSVP features, helping you save on printing and postage costs.

Go for simple engagement party decorations and activities

engagement party decorations
Choosing simple engagement party decorations and activities can make your event both fun-filled and budget-friendly. Can’t decide what to include in decoration and what not? Go for simple options that light up the engagement party venue with a romantic flair and reflect your love story and preferences.

Think of creative centerpieces, such as jars filled with colorful blooms or candles, to add a touch of whimsy and romance. Also, while planning your engagement party decorations, try to incorporate a theme that can be subtly reflected in your decorations.

Additionally, don’t forget to include activities to get your guests to mingle and have fun. Consider having classical games such as trivia cards, Never Have I Ever, musical chairs, two Truths and a Lie, or a more traditional musical charade. If possible, set up a designated photo booth area with a fun backdrop to let guests capture silly memories throughout the evening.

Select catering options on a budget

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Of all things, food can easily distort your engagement party ideas on a budget. So, when it comes to having food at your engagement party, select catering options within your budget. For instance, if you’re hosting a small group, you can prepare the food yourself. And if it’s a mid-sized setting, you should look for affordable catering options, such as a food truck for the event.

You should also look for local catering firms for they are often more flexible than large catering firms and are likely to charge less. Try themed food stations such as Emirati menus, where meals can range from Mezze platters to small bite-sized portions, especially the classic baba ghanoush, falafel, tabbouleh, or even kibbeh. Grilled fish or shrimp kebabs are other seafood specialties which can offer a lot, also in terms of price, to bring a touch of the local cuisine.

Don’t want the local cuisine? Go for an Asian-inspired selection with dumplings, spring rolls, and mini stir-fry bowls.

No engagement party is complete without a delightful cake. It’s the most important part of an engagement party. But before you book a five-tier cake for your engagement, remember that luxury desserts and engagement cakes can put a hole in your pocket. On average, a three- to five-tier cake is likely to range between AED 1500 and AED 3500.

Therefore, source a simple but classy one-tier engagement cake or a small cake with additional cupcakes for more attendee servings. You could also choose cheaper options like homemade cookies or a mix of Arabic luxury local sweets such as the baklavas or knafeh, which can be bought at a sweet mart.

Opt for budget-friendly photography options

engagement photography
It’s your big day; it’s the day of your nuptials! Love is in the air, and everyone’s excited to cheer you on for getting hitched. You want to capture every raw and candid emotion, joy, and laughter, but hiring professionals to capture such moments might draw sweat. For example, using the services of a professional photographer may cost more than AED 100 per photograph.

So, employ an upcoming photographer or a student who is exploring freelance work and offers lower charges. You can also ask your friend or a family member who has an interest in photography to take candid shots throughout the evening. Such cost effective solutions help you capture those memorable moments that you want to cherish for a lifetime without having to spending lavishly.

How Can Hiring an Engagement Event Organizer Be More Cost-Effective?

Should I invite my colleagues? What cuisine should I choose? Should I trust a newbie for my photography work? These are some of the random and seemingly easy-to-answer questions, but when they come together, they can cause stress and be overwhelming at times.

Hiring an engagement event organizer can save time, stress, and money. Professional event management agencies leverage their experience, expertise, and industry connections to help you secure the best deals. Whether it’s selection of engagement party venues, decorations, catering, or decor, the savings are passed onto you.

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